August Update: Beckett's route incoming!

August was a busy month, but also really fun! Buckle in, because we’ve got a few news snippets for ya!

Alison Hart(e)?

As it turns out, having a character with the name of “Alison Hart” next to a character named “Halt” is not such a stellar idea.

To improve legibility, we’re officially changing Alison’s surname to Harte, which should help distinguish it from Halt.

Voice acting!

A few fun updates on the voice acting front! John van Doren is joining the Zodiac Axis team as the VO audio engineer. I’m so thankful to have him onboard! We also got the voice actors in for a smattering of special scenes to have full voices, and had some fun, too. demo release

We released the demo on and got 100 downloads in one day! Thank you for the support!

Sticky notes

To help motivate me through my part time job, I printed custom sticky notes. I decided to throw them up on the Studio Theophilus store if anyone happened to be interested! A mini Alison cheers you on through the day.

Image of sticky notes

So, when will Beckett’s Route be released?!

I want to be honest. I’m aiming for the latter days of September (September 27-30), but I can’t make a hard promise that Beckett’s route will hit those days.

Due to very recent circumstances, my family is likely to go through very heavy transition. I have no idea what the next month will hold in store for personal circumstances. While I’ll do my best to get Beckett’s Route out on time (because I really want you all to see it!), it heavily depends on the decisions my family makes. I’m sorry that it’s vague, but right now, it’s a confidential matter.

If I had to make a guess, it’s maybe 40% likely that the route will come out on time. The deadlines are all planned to hit that September 27 date, but worse comes to worse, I may have to push back a few weeks.

Thankfully, we have some fun previews for you! The artists have been working extremely hard, and the route is turning out gorgeous!

Thank you for all your patience and support! The next update will come when Beckett’s route is released :]

— Luna Chai


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The truth is that you are updating the game at a good pace, and although I want with all my soul to see the route of Beckett as soon as possible, I don´t mind waiting a few weeks more, and I hope that is what happens with your family, solve it in the best possible way, leaving everyone happy.

May fortune accompany you.


Thank you very much for the understanding and support! — Luna Chai